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I (like many) am of the belief that men who drive a Porsche are often middle-aged, unfit posers compensating for their lacking masculinity, so was shocked to hear of the impending collaboration between Porsche and Adidas, a brand who has been striving to be seen as active, trendy and cutting-edge.

“In Spring/Summer 2007 Porsche Design and adidas introduce an innovative hi-tech sport and design orientated sport performance collection for men. The objective of the long-term cooperation is to jointly establish a hi-tech premium brand in the sports sector. The first Porsche Design Sport product line highlights four sport categories: Driving, Running, Golf and Tennis. “

It just goes to show that no brand is immune from the lure of the wealthy- adidas want a piece of the rapidly increasing luxury market, and porsche golf gear is the way to go!

“The Porsche Design Sport collection will hit retail exclusively in December 2006. By January 15, 2007 the range can be purchased in high-end stores in six selected markets: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, US and Asia”

(quotes from the adidas press room)

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