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Emulating your favourite real celebrity is so passe- now you can dress like your favourite TV character instead thanks to a collaboration between Los Angeles-based premium denim company AG Adriano Goldschmied and HBO. The two have teamed up to create a full lifestyle brand out of the network’s hit series “Entourage”, according to Womenswear Daily. The result is a denim and sportswear brand called AG for Entourage.

The series is based around the lives of Vincent “Vince” Chase, a hot young actor in Hollywood, his three-member entourage and his agent, and is produced by Mark Wahlberg.

According to Alissa Friedman, marketing and advertising manager for AG Adriano Goldschmied,

“[The show] is the hip and current direction in which one can drive their entire lifestyle, the guide on what’s hot in technology, cars, restaurants, clubs and, most importantly, what’s hip in fashion. Since you can’t be them, the least you can do is dress like them.”

The collection will be launched for spring, and the company is targeting upscale specialty boutiques and select department stores. In addition, the line will be sold in AG freestanding stores to make every availability for us mere mortals to get our hands on the aspirational clothing and be one step closer to our dream lives!

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