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WeardowneySpotted at the On|Off site at London Fashion Week- Weardowney’s magazine. I already knew the label for it’s beautiful hand knitted garments and it’s collaborative collection with Topshop, but had not realised there were so many facets to this company. Alongside their catwalk collections they have a made-to-order service where you can tailor any of their looks to your preference which they will then knit up for you, and also produce a magazine for fashion week with great shoots and interesting articles. Not only that-  the ‘House of Weardowney’ is situated in Marylebone and is cleverly divided into the GetUp Boutique, the School of Handcraftsmanship where they teach their knitting skills, and the WD Guesthouse which offers seven individually designed rooms. It’s not often you find a small well-diversified brand but Weardowney are proving that it can be done, and very impressively too.

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