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The front page of the Independent yesterday showed a black-painted Kate Moss, as the paper was once again taken over by Bono’s RED campaign with the special edition guest-designed by Giorgio Armani.Katemoss2
Alongside main news the paper was filled with articles on issues such as aids in Africa, global warming and profiles on do-good celebrities such as George Clooney and Bill Gates, with half of the the sales revenue going to aids charities.

It seems however that not everyone was impressed by the takeover. Hannah Pool over at rival paper the Guardian has written a cutting article on the ‘blackening up’ of Miss Moss and its relevance, but surely she has missed the point- the Kate phenomenon has reached such proportions that just using her picture will increase the sales, and as raising money is what it’s all about that can’t be a bad thing. Except for the papers who lose out!

Independent Red issue

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