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I love the new concept from food stylist and artist Nir Adar; CrispyCones, which aims to serve an array of classic dishes including meatballs, ceasar salad and barbeque chicken… in an edible cone. Turning the notion of take-away food on its head, Adar fills the baked dough cones with a wide variety of sweet or savoury fillings crossing an array of cuisines, to satisfy any craving you may have. As he explains it-

“The Crispy Cone is changing the face of portable food to meet the needs of the healthy, selective and environmentally conscious consumer. Not only is the shape of the cone different than anything else out there, it’s also different in concept: Nutritious. Responsible. Delicious. Prepared with care and thought. Environmentally smart, because it leaves no waste, and uses no utensils. Made with nutritious ingredients and delivered in a smart drip-free cone that complements the delicious flavors of the food, the Crispy Cone lets you enjoy your favorite foods in a modern and environmentally-smart new way.”

Not sure that the menu constitutes healthy eating, but CrispyCones say they aim to introduce new flavors every week, apparently tailored to fit the demographics of each new location. Given the huge availability of traditional carbohydrate based fast-foods and the current interest in curing America’s obesity pandemic it will be interesting to see whether this idea takes off. Currently only available in Santa Anita’s Westfield Arcadia Shopping Mall, California, CrispyCones plans to open throughout the US and is currently looking for investors and franchisees.

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