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If only I was in NYC I would have been at Swap-O-Rama-Rama yesterday. The clothing swap event fuses  charity, recycling and do-it-yourself workshops teaching you how to transform any of the donated clothes into new wearable pieces. Each participant has to bring $10 and a bag of unwanted clothing, for which they get a day of fun and creativity- sounds like a bargain to me!

It’s easy to move from consumer to creator! At Swap-O-Rama-Rama you’ll find a workshop an hour, each teaching a unique clothing recycling modification skill, and DIY stations where you can learn traditional crafts like embroidery, knitting, beading and appliqué

This year we’ll have a team of stylist volunteers from FIT ready to help you find a new recycled look. And scrapexchange will be bringing scrap yard challenge, a techy wearable DIY event where you can add electronics to your new duds.  a You’ll also find clothing labels that celebrate our collective creativity, they read 100% Modified By Me and 100% Recycled. These are free and offered to you to sew over existing branding and reclaim your creative space from industry.

Producing your own creations, and then adding your own labels? An interesting take on re-using and recycling, and a clever way of re-claiming your originality through clothing. Am already searching for a similar idea in the UK…


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