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More Manners for Men

commons&sense, the great Japanese fashion magazine (with English translation) has launched a menswear title: commons&sense man. The publication boasts a great editorial team including Dazed & Confused’s Nicola Formichetti, and is unsurprisingly full of beautiful and forward-thinking fashion shoots and clever articles.

The inaugural issue focuses on “Manners for Men”, including an illustrated guide to modern manners in Japanese society, and a fashion shoot for ‘Gentle Young Men’.

The most interesting article however is on a new UK finishing academy for men offering a three-day training course on ‘the art of being a gentleman’. Following the success of the ladies school, there have apparently been many male applicants keen to learn the art of good table manners, hosting skills, deportment, housecraft and the many other lectures offered, the aim of which is to “acquire mastery of how best to conduct yourself in a sophisticated fashion, whether in a business of leisure environment”.  Etiquette is most definitely on the rise so now’s the time to sign your company up- it makes a change from the usual employee training courses, and might teach some useful life skills!

The Finishing Academy

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