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The Future of Clothing?

clothing that arranges the body
Created by Industrial designer Hannah Perner-Wilson,  “Clothing that arranges the body” is a concept which visualizes her feelings towards our growing dependency on mobile technology, culminating in the production of a jacket that connects the flow of electricity between devices hidden in pockets around the body.

“This piece was inspired by the connection that clothing is capable of establishing between body and mind of the person inside, and is a result of reflecting the place our body occupies amid daily confrontation with cables, connections, the flow of electricity and digital information. Both the garment’s apearance and use play with this fact that we spend every day within close proximity of electronic
devices, within the flow of electricity around our bodies.”

The jacket is made up of pockets that connect their content with the
outside via the flow of electricity. Instead of regular plugs and
plugholes the electrical current flows through material magnetic
fastenings. A great idea, as long as you don’t mind the thought of all that voltage flowing through you!

Seen on Coolhunting
Clothing that arranges the body

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