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Pattern Language: Clothing as Communicator

pattern language

A travelling exhibition, Pattern Language  investigates clothing as expression and fulfillment of human needs and desires of the mind, body and soul. The work featured is from a range of international artists, designers, and collaborative teams who use clothing, fabric and the body to invent new forms of social and cultural communication and interaction between wearers and their clothes, and between the makers of clothing and the fashion system.

The exhibition is organized in six thematic categories that address aspects of the ways clothing and our relationship to it far exceed the traditional idea of providing shelter. The categories—The Everyman, Multi-Tasking, Container/Contained, (Un)Clothed, Construction/Creation,
and Identity—speak to how clothing shapes, covers, and sometimes even undoes us.

Having opened in Tufts University Art Gallery, Medford, MA last September, it has since moved on to the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois and then to the University Art Museum at the University of California, before reaching it’s current destination- the Frederick R Weisman Museum at the University of Minnesota.

The Weisman’s presentation of Pattern Language: Clothing as
Communicator will also feature a number of programs to coincide with the issues and ideas raised by the works in the exhibition, including
an artist’s panel discussion moderated by the exhibition curator, a student fashion design competition judged by artists Gayla Rosenfeld, workshops, and a lecture by the leading fashion historian Dr Valerie Steele.

Showing the exhibition at a variety of universities is proving to be a very popular and really exciting way of involving an age group who use their clothing to communicate their preferences every day to think beyond slogans and brands and examine their choices more.

via Art Daily article
Pattern Language: Clothing as Communicator

PHOTO- Alba D’Urbano’s digital printed dresses ‘The Immortal Tailor’

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