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Dutch Design Award Winners 2006

Velina_volanteThe winners of the Dutch Design Awards 2006 have been announced and the resulting products are
impressive. Two designs in particular caught my eye, both great examples of combining beauty and practicality; Velina Volante by Jannita van den Haak and Heklucht by design studio HiMom.

Winner of the Public Prize 2006, Velina Volante-Travelling in Style is Jannita van den Haak’s graduate work from the Design Academy, Eindhoven. With inspiration from the elegant yet tough image of the twenties woman, Jannita has redeveloped the backpack into a sexy and elegant travel bag for the modern female traveller. A fusion of style, luxury and the reliability, the bag comes in shiny bronze and anthracite shades, is extendable through the pleated side pockets, and is made of breathable, high quality water-resistant fabric. The upper pocket can also be detached and reversed to transform into an evening/ handbag. Practical and chic, we love it.

Designstudio_himomWinner of the Product Public Space 2006 is Heklucht by Krijn Christiaansen & Jeroen Bruls from
DesignStudio HiMom. Street furniture that is a cross between an archetypical pump and a bicycle rack, Heklucht can currently be seen in eight locations across the Hague’s new development district of Ypenburg. The polished fabrication was chosen to invite use and touch, encouraging inhabitants to pump up their tyres, with the resulting product presenting itself as an elegant piece of design. Enough of the public displays of art, we need more good public design like this.
design studio HiMom

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