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Integrating Technology into the Language of Fashion

Electronic Etherealism and Digital Perfume is a 2 day event in NYC starting today that will explore the intersections of fashion, technology and creativity, and promote a dialogue between a community of practitioners and thinkers on how to make electronics speak the language of fashion.

Interaction designer Despina Papadopoulos and critical design theorist Otto Von Busch organised the event because “We are interested in locating the juncture between fashion and technology and it is possible that perfume, which is also bottled mythology sitting on the crux of alchemy and science, can prove an effective conduit.”

The pair aim to explore alchemic practices of re-mystifying technology to merge it into the mythical world of fashion, bridging the two worlds. As they explain it- “Fashion & Technology seem to be two different logics and rarely are there any good examples of the two disciplines merging into successful alloys that reaches us as true fashion”.

During this weekend they intend to further the practical discussions on fashion and technology by moving it into another generation of thought, creating “a spiritual journey for technology exploring harmonies, magic and asymmetries in how we can see technology  in combination to fashion. If we understand fashion and cosmetics as something beyond consumer culture we might reach the mythical strengths of these disciplines to inject them into a mystical alloy of ethereal electronics or digital perfume.”

The busy programme starts this afternoon with lectures and discussions on perfume, essential etherealism and fashion mythology, technology, memory and process, followed by panel discussion & audience participation. Tomorrow’s all-day event includes workshops on brainstorming, concept building and electronics hacking as re-mystification (mutilate-modulate-mutate), a hands-on building session, and exploration into various ways to mimic or stimulate magical powers in electronics.

Advances in techno textiles and integrated clothing have yet to fully mature into products that live in the world of fashion, so an event that is aimed at understanding how to reach that goal should be invaluable for many brands. There’s a lot more information on their website, and hopefully much more will arrive after the event.

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