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Designs for Hyper Space

Hyper_space_couture_designPink Tentacle reports on a
spacewear fashion show held at the University of Tokyo yesterday, featuring fashion ideas for space tourism.

“The show was held by Rocketplane Kistler — a US company that plans to begin offering space tours in two years — and a group of Japanese fashion designers, as part of the Hyper Space Couture Design Contest. Winners of the contest, which is organized by Tokyo-based fashion designer Eri Matsui with the support of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and many others, will help design the clothes for use on Rocketplane’s space tourism flights set to begin in 2008.

The 11 garments appearing in the show were selected from over 880 designs submitted by college students. Some of the designs feature ruffles and sleeves that expand and change shape under zero gravity.”

Yet another industry using the consumer-designed route- the
multi-part competition has been underway for several months, trying to stir up interest for the space tourism industry through creative input. Let’s hope the submitted designs manage to combine creativity with the functionality and safety aspects needed- as fun as the competition may be, space travel is one area probably best left to the professionals!

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