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Like Visual Search Engine

Launched today, Like is a visual search engine for fashion accessories that lets you search for products based on appearance. According to their official blog, likewise – ‘ is “Fashionista 1.0,” like nothing you’ve seen before.  We’re the trendsetters of visual search.’

The website lets you search for an item in three ways- by text, through picking a visual category, or clicking on one of celebrity images shown. The user is taken to a page displaying a range of similar items, from which they can perform a  ‘Likeness search’- enabling visual option refinement through the choice of colour, shape or pattern. Changing any factor leads to yet another page of related products in the site’s impressive array of choice, each option with a link to one of the 200 affiliated online stores for immediate purchase.

The site has launched with a library of 100,000 celebrity images and two million product options already available, and with many more of both due to be added daily Like aim to be the first comprehensive visual fashion search engine- leaving Google one step behind in the shopping stakes.

Currently only offering accessories, Like are due to add clothing to the site in a fortnight, bringing the company one step closer to its ultimate aim – enabling total web searching from personal uploaded pictures. Sounds ambitious, but with 30,000 items being added to the site daily the realisation may not be that far in the future.

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