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Ursula y Violeta


Seen at Habitat, the Valencia Furniture Fair- ‘Ursula y Violeta’ is a project  by the industrial design students at the University of Cardenal Herrera that explores the theme of drinking coffee and the social, emotional and human interaction with the objects involved. The resulting collection is cleverly presented as a story of two friends who have not seen each other for a long time catching up over coffee-

‘The phrase “let’s meet for coffee” has become the default sentence to meet someone even if you are not having coffee. The social aspect is in fact as important as the drink itself’


The products created focus on mixing functionality with fun and interaction- including a ’spoon pen’ by Victor Bellver, ’spoon magnifying glass’ by Eva Maria Cervero and Elena Chillida, ‘twister serviette’ by Chiara Grassi and Mariaelena Gianmoena, and my personal favourite the ‘mask cup’ by Attu Aparicio.


Another clever idea comes in the form of a vertically perforated receipt by José Antonio G6mez- a useful invention for the huge amount of people who like to ’split the bill’!

See these and other ideas at UrsulayVioletta
via Designboom

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