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Guerrilla Model: Elle Muliarchyk


Elle Muliarchyk has been described by the Sunday Times Style Magazine as ‘fashion’s first guerrilla model’. The Belarus-born model becomes her own photographer, art director, and stylist, going from store to store and photographing herself in poses in the dressing rooms. What’s more she even brings her own props! The photo above shows a 300 year old mirror she dragged to the YSL store via the Tube! From the article:

The changing rooms are the backdrops for her photographs, where stories are created either using the objects already present or through the addition of props that Elle brings with her- the most bizarre including a 300-year-old mirror, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and a 6ft cuddly panda.

Starting as a way to practise posing for shoots, the photographs quickly become a vent for the frustration she felt at the lack of creative expression available to her- “I’m a model. I’ve always been forced to wear things. Taking pictures of myself is revenge on a situation where everyone takes control of me.”

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