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Floating Beds- The Space-Saving Future?

floating bedDutch architect Janjaap Ruijssennaar’s floating bed defies gravity. Kept in a permanent state of suspension by magnets built into both the bed and the floor, it doesn’t require any other form of energy to keep it afloat, and according to the designer, it can hold the weight of a sumo wrestling team!

Questioning the ways in which gravity determines the image of architecture, Ruijssennaar wanted to design a product that used something other than gravity as its dictating force.”In contrast to conventional furniture which falls towards the earth, Floating Bed falls towards the sky.”

The designer was inspired by the 1968 movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, which explains the reason for the overall design- “the monolith, as Stanley Kubrick and science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke suggest, must have been made by other powers than those responsable for the usually circular planetary bodies and other more liberal forms, such as organisms. The rectangle as a metaphor for the existence of intelligent life.”

Requiring only thin steel cables to keep it in position it’s a great product for those with limited space… and €1.2 million to spare!!

discover more about the Floating Bed

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