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Austrian art college graduate Andreas Strauss has created a new type of holiday accommodation; minimal-hospitality units made out of large sections of concrete drainage pipes. The project, called Dasparkhotel is located in a park near the Danube, where three “drain rooms” create perfect sleeping spaces for travellers.

Despite the giant concrete interior, inside the rooms are apparently surprisingly comfortable- if not a little sparse. A double bed, storage, light, power socket, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag are all supplied, and the lacking hotel amenities are provided by nearby washing facilities, cafes and bars.

Open from May to October, the sleep-pipes are a new experience in economic travel and outdoor accommodation. Bookings are made online, where a personal security code allows entry to your ‘personal suite’ which remains a safe and secure space for your chosen time. The simple “pay as you wish” system means that upon departure you leave as much as you can afford or want to pay.

Future plans include a 30-60 unit Dasparkhotel at upcoming festivals, with great potential for growth throughout the student/festival/ backpacking market. Cheap, ecologically sound, central and stylish- the project is still in the every early stages but could be a great opportunity for a brand to get their products involved?


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