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Now your Boss can Monitor Your Mood

Picture_4_2A new product invented by folk at the University of Tokyo and GS Yuasa moitors the ‘mood’ of a room- and presents it as coloured light display. The system, called SHOJI (Symbiotic Hosting Online Jog Instrument), measures a room’s environmental conditions (light, temperature, humidity, infrared radiation and ultrasonic waves) and detects the presence and movement of people, body temperature, and the nature of the activity in the room. The idea is that there are two terminals, each in different rooms, reporting on the mood of the other via data sent over the internet and interpreted through coloured LEDs. By checking the color of light on the SHOJI terminal, users can easily understand the mood in the other room.

Tests are due to begin in offices, hospitals and residential settings, with the product aiming to be on the market for general consumption in April 2007 at about $2,500 – $3,300. So watch out- soon not only will your boss be monitoring your work, but he’ll know how happy you are whilst doing it!

via Pink Tentacle – who also reported earlier this year on a similar product prototype called KOTOHANA

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