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TEXTile – Digital Communication at FWM

An exhibition at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia presents the work of their artist-in-residence Jean Shin who has created an interactive fabric examining digital communication in contemporary life through thousands of discarded computer keyboard keys. Embedded in a 25 foot textile the keys create a
text that reads from left to right, and is a line-by-line transcript of the e-mail correspondence between Shin and the FWM project staff, the work becoming a documentation of its own creation.

“Shin is known for transforming the mundane into poetic meditations on materiality. Discarded objects from everyday life-used clothes, broken umbrellas, worn-out shoes, old eyeglasses—are amassed, deconstructed, and reassembled by Shin through a labor-intensive process that hints to
the objects’ former function. What remains is a visually compelling and psychologically powerful transformation of life’s leftovers…

TEXTile calls attention to the tactility of what is now a daily act for many—e-mailing. Shin distills the object that allows us to communicate globally down and reconfigures it in a way that calls attention to the physicality of the act of typing, emphasizing the relationship of the body to language.”

Read more at The Fabric Workshop and Museum

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