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Droog Dinner Update


The wonderful people at Droog have put some pictures up on their site of the dinner event they held on Monday. The event, once again created by food designer Marije Vogelzang involved the guests in an ‘abstract, eatable moon landscape’. The interactive evening sounds- and looks- like a lot of fun. Check out more pictures here

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Thom Browne video website

Picture_1Designer-to-watch Thom Browne has launched a video website showcasing his new collection entitled ‘The Septemberists’. Directed by Anthony Goicolea and with music by Sigur-Ros, the video cleverly and succesfully displays the very stylish collection under the premise of a rather bizarre cleansing therapy- definitely worth watching.

see it at

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Wear Your Wallpaper

Wearable_wallpaperNo we don’t mean those hideous 1970s prints recreated on fabrics- we’re talking about Ben Pell’s Walldrobe Wearpaper. When not being worn, the series of thin leather panels hang on the wall as flat, abstract-patterned wallpaper- when you want to get dressed simply take down your chosen ensemble, fix it together with the metal snaps from the wall and your outfit is complete.

“My research involves architectural effect,” says Pell. “I’m interested
in the ways that architecture, or fashion or design of any sort,
engages the environment”. Applying the computer-aided design and manufacturing systems used by architects to clothing patterns, the Walldrobe kit comes with a CD-ROM containing AutoCAD files that arrange the patterns of selected articles of clothing on the 12 leather panels provided. The one snag- you need your own laser cutter!

Not the most stylish of outfits, but an amazing idea that will hopefully be explored further. More information here

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Paper/ Deitch 99c Art Store

Paper magazine have collaborated with Jeffrey Deitch to create a four day pop-up art store open this week as part of Art Basel Miami. Inspired by the concept of a 99-cent shop, the store offers a huge range of very special limited edition artist merchandise from toys to skateboards, sneakers to jewelry, fashion to household items and even an artist customized condominium, priced from 99 cents to 9,999,999 dollars.

Open now until sunday, head down to 3841 Northeast Second Avenue to get pieces from an amazing variety of artists and designers including Keith Haring, Sol Lewitt, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Three as Four, Ryan McGinness, Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, oh- and have a look at the Design Miami fair whilst you’re there!

Read more about the store in Papermag’s blog-

I have always been an art shopping maniac, collecting toys, sneakers, skateboards, refrigerator magnets and closets full of artist products since Keith Haring made his first transistor radio. (I even have some Salvador Dali perfume bottles that are amazing.)  The recent art and
commerce feeding frenzy has led many artists to collaborate with numerous brands over the past ten years. On my office shelves I have Damien Hirst Becks beer bottles, Futura CK One fragrance bottles,  Jeff
Koons skateboards,  Tom Otterness bookends, Stephen Sprouse fabric covered pillows. In my closets I have Phil Frost sneakers, Murakami Vuitton bags, Kenny Scharf magnets, Jeff Koons vase, Barry McGee and
Margaret Killgallen dolls, Os gemeos sneakers, and LOTS more. I think of this stuff as my 401 K. And so I thought it would be SO fun to survey what’s out there,  pull it all together and open an ART STORE for four days in Miami.

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Smart Shirts- Let Your Clothes Monitor You

Smart_shirtA project by US-based Georgia Tech Research Corporation and SensaTex Inc, the smart shirt is designed to monitor the your heart rate, EKG, temperature, respiration and a host of vital functions, alerting the wearer or physician if there is a problem.

The clever t-shirt is woven or knitted incorporating a patented conductive fiber/sensor system which without effecting the look or feel of the fabric creates a wearable physiological information management platform that transmits data to a small external controller which then forwards this wirelessly to the chosen location.

Suitable for a range of people from police and military personnel, to patients and the elderly, the goal of the smart shirt is to minimize casualties by providing knowledge of patients health conditions to operators during emergency situations.

Currently field testing with plans to release for commercial use very soon, watch out for smart shirts- or let them watch out for you!

read more

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Cruel 2 B Kind- Watch Out for Compliments

Picture_16Beware- random compliments handed out in the street are really people trying to kill you! A new street game called Cruel 2 B Kind uses acts of kindness as secret weapons to assasinate their targets- the difference though is that players don’t know who they’re looking for. Each team receives a personally assigned secret weapon and secret weakness meaning their is only one target hidden in the crowds of the very public areas where the games are held.

“Your secret weapon is the act of kindness you perform on suspected targets. Example: Praise your targets’ shoes. If you perform this weapon on the correct target, they will surrender. If you perform this weapon on other players who are not your target, they will say “You are too kind.” If you perform this weapon on non-targets – well, we have no idea what might happen!”

The idea behind the events that were launched in New York in September is to encourage people to interact in a positive way within public spaces- players must approach strangers within the gaming area and use their secret weapon to score points and stay in the game.

Creator Jane McGonigal is a game designer and researcher (and recently named on MIT Technology Review’s 2006 list of Top Innovators under the age of 35 who are changing the world through technology) who is looking for ways to draw people out of their shells and interact with the community around them- “I feel that games are a powerful way to build connections, to add to the quality of life…Compliments are very powerful. I think giving them out contributes to public wellbeing”.

Look out for the next game which will be held in London’s Soho this Saturday Dec 9th. With so many christmas shoppers around it should make for a very interesting experiment in social behaviour- I’m tempted just to go and watch!

Some players will be slain by a serenade. Others will be killed by a compliment. You and your partner might be taken down by an innocent group cheer. Will innocents be caught in the cross-fire? Oh, yes. But when your secret weapon is a random act of kindness, it’s only cruel to be kind
to other players…

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The Reindeer Pops-Up for Business

The Reindeer, London’s Christmas-themed pop-up restaurant, has opened it’s doors for service.Picture_12_1
Located in the Truman Brewery, the restaurant is created by the team at Bistrotheque who have called on all their creative friends to add to the festive experience- plates designed by fashion designer of the year Giles Deacon, decorations by stylist Katie Hillier, and christmas crackers by Pop magazine with party hats by milliner to the stars Stephen Jones add festive cheer to the gourmet meals.

Offering both a Narnia-inspired 250-seater restaurant (including two private dining log cabins seating up to 30) and a theatre hosting comedy and cabaret acts (with shows from comedienne of the moment Pam Ann, American drag act Kiki and Herb, and hot new musical acts Mika and the Puppini Sisters among others), this is by far the most stylish and entertaining pop-up idea seen in London.

Existing for only 23 days the Reindeer is “not for life, just for Christmas” and so after it’s final service is selling off the contents of the restaurant in a huge “Everything Must Go” sale. Anyone interested in a log cabin or an antler chandelier should head down there on the 24th- as the restaurant is already fully booked it’s your only chance to see it anyway!

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Westminster Council have launched a 6-month trial of a new pay by phone parking facility in large areas of the West End. Covent Garden and Soho will see all parking meters removed and replaced by ‘Pay by Phone Only’ bays, and Pay & Display areas will include pay by phone options.

A great idea- UK should have more options to use mobiles as payment methods, it makes life so much easier. Let’s hope this trial is successful and the scheme spreads throughout London

read more here

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Pics: Santa’s Ghetto (Christmas the Banksy way)

I popped down earlier to see the “squat art concept store” that has landed in the vacant Clark’s store on Oxford Street this year. Founded by Banksy, Santa’s Ghetto is a supermarket of street art- showcasing work from 20 ‘underground’ artists including David Shrigley, Jamie Hewlett, Space Invader and Paul Insect (and Banksy himself of course), all of which is available to buy.


In the ironic words of Banksy- “I felt the spirit of Christmas was being lost, it was becoming increasingly uncommercialised and more and more to do with religion so we decided to open our own shop and sell pointless stuff

you didn’t need”. Looks like they’re doing pretty good business, there are often queues to get in and it was pretty packed when I was there. The store is open until 23rd December, although it looks like they may be sold out well before then…Img_1535

see more images here or pictures from previous years here and here

read two sides of the story- The Guardian’s article and a rather scathing review from Spiked

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Droog Dinner Delight

Img_1531For anyone who will be in Amsterdam on Monday 18th December- Droog Design are holding their annual dinner for 40-45 lucky people who can get their hands on tickets. Once again the concept for the dinner will be produced by food designer Marije Vogelzang (last year the amazing meal took place inside the tablecloth- see pic)- but the ideas for this year be a surprise until the night. Check back after the 18th for news from the event.

If you can’t make it for the evening, be sure to check out Marije’s amazing Proef restaurants in Amsterdam and Rotterdam where many of her amazing ideas are put into practice. If you’re really lucky you might be able to catch a workshop


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