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LA Auto Show – Creative Stands

Most car manufacturers are highly unexciting and macho when it comes to displaying their vehicles, preferring to drape pretty girls around their stand as aesthetic accoutrements rather than trying to utilize the space to promote their concept. A couple of companies however are on their way to pushing the envelope…



Mini chose to create a multi-layered platform using strip lighting to create a beacon that could be seen high above it’s competitors. A stylishly simple layout that added a classy quirk to the space- epitomising the car’s message.




Jeep built on their advertising campaign for the new 2007 Wrangler, playing with the ‘new species’ idea of cars packed up to look like bugs. The glass jar presentation idea definitely stood out- and was the only fun, child-friendly stand seen. Considering the show is open
to the public who are likely to visit as families, this stand is the best equipped for their target market, offering bug-styled car stickers and magic wand dirt toys to keep kids entertained.



It looks like GM were inspired by Damien Hirst for the display of their new Buick Lucerne, turning their car into a work of modern art by slicing it into six pieces each encased in a glass box. A clever way of displaying all of a car’s safety features and encouraging more interest in all the attention to detail.



VW played with digital interactivity on their stand, changing the colour and mood of their space through programmed backlighting and digital displays on 3D screens. ‘Pods’ offered a complete VW experience, showing advertising films in surround sound, alongside the wall-mounted screen, and a simluator gave the chance to try out the new driving experience. The only stand to have a young, fresh and appealing vibe, it easily stood out from all the others.

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