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Richard Rogers Designs Prefab

Picture_1_15Richard Rogers has partnered with Wimpey homes to produce his first house design for 37 years- a £60,000 house for the new Wimpey
estate on the edge of Milton Keynes. The design is a winning entry for the government’s Design for Manufacture competition– which has granted the construction at Oxley Park. The site will contain 145 homes, 56 to be sold at £60,000 (as part of the government’s affordable housing initiative), the rest estimated at £230,000.

Putting himself in direct competition with the Ikea prefabs, Rogers’s three-bedroom ‘flexi-house’ will enable occupants to choose different wall finishes, change the interior layout as their family grows, and add prefabricated rooms. The architect himself decribes it as “a winning scheme which will deliver flexibility, modern methods of construction and a range of materials, coupled with an ambitious environmental strategy.”

The houses go on sale next year

via The Sunday Times

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