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Smart Shirts- Let Your Clothes Monitor You

Smart_shirtA project by US-based Georgia Tech Research Corporation and SensaTex Inc, the smart shirt is designed to monitor the your heart rate, EKG, temperature, respiration and a host of vital functions, alerting the wearer or physician if there is a problem.

The clever t-shirt is woven or knitted incorporating a patented conductive fiber/sensor system which without effecting the look or feel of the fabric creates a wearable physiological information management platform that transmits data to a small external controller which then forwards this wirelessly to the chosen location.

Suitable for a range of people from police and military personnel, to patients and the elderly, the goal of the smart shirt is to minimize casualties by providing knowledge of patients health conditions to operators during emergency situations.

Currently field testing with plans to release for commercial use very soon, watch out for smart shirts- or let them watch out for you!

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