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Paper/ Deitch 99c Art Store

Paper magazine have collaborated with Jeffrey Deitch to create a four day pop-up art store open this week as part of Art Basel Miami. Inspired by the concept of a 99-cent shop, the store offers a huge range of very special limited edition artist merchandise from toys to skateboards, sneakers to jewelry, fashion to household items and even an artist customized condominium, priced from 99 cents to 9,999,999 dollars.

Open now until sunday, head down to 3841 Northeast Second Avenue to get pieces from an amazing variety of artists and designers including Keith Haring, Sol Lewitt, Tracey Emin, Jeff Koons, Three as Four, Ryan McGinness, Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid, oh- and have a look at the Design Miami fair whilst you’re there!

Read more about the store in Papermag’s blog-

I have always been an art shopping maniac, collecting toys, sneakers, skateboards, refrigerator magnets and closets full of artist products since Keith Haring made his first transistor radio. (I even have some Salvador Dali perfume bottles that are amazing.)  The recent art and
commerce feeding frenzy has led many artists to collaborate with numerous brands over the past ten years. On my office shelves I have Damien Hirst Becks beer bottles, Futura CK One fragrance bottles,  Jeff
Koons skateboards,  Tom Otterness bookends, Stephen Sprouse fabric covered pillows. In my closets I have Phil Frost sneakers, Murakami Vuitton bags, Kenny Scharf magnets, Jeff Koons vase, Barry McGee and
Margaret Killgallen dolls, Os gemeos sneakers, and LOTS more. I think of this stuff as my 401 K. And so I thought it would be SO fun to survey what’s out there,  pull it all together and open an ART STORE for four days in Miami.

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