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Wear Your Wallpaper

Wearable_wallpaperNo we don’t mean those hideous 1970s prints recreated on fabrics- we’re talking about Ben Pell’s Walldrobe Wearpaper. When not being worn, the series of thin leather panels hang on the wall as flat, abstract-patterned wallpaper- when you want to get dressed simply take down your chosen ensemble, fix it together with the metal snaps from the wall and your outfit is complete.

“My research involves architectural effect,” says Pell. “I’m interested
in the ways that architecture, or fashion or design of any sort,
engages the environment”. Applying the computer-aided design and manufacturing systems used by architects to clothing patterns, the Walldrobe kit comes with a CD-ROM containing AutoCAD files that arrange the patterns of selected articles of clothing on the 12 leather panels provided. The one snag- you need your own laser cutter!

Not the most stylish of outfits, but an amazing idea that will hopefully be explored further. More information here

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