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ItaliaIndependent- the New Italian Luxury

The Herald Tribune reports on the new luxury vision from Lapo Elkann, heir to the Fiat empire.  Launched last week to coincide with the start of the menswear season and Pitti Uomo trade show, is a project aiming to reinstate the power of Italian luxury, by offering products that are 100% conceived, developed and produced in Italy.

Citing Italianity as one of the brand main values, the company is reinterpreting and updating the prestige already associated with the ‘Made in Italy’ label, to create what they call “personal belongings- not accessories”.

“Italia Independent’s claim is Made in Italy 2.0. Just like the new internet wave 2.0, I-I intends to upgrade the concept of Made in Italy replacing status symbols with “me unique symbols” and adding innovation to tradition.”

The first ‘personal belonging’ offered is Sever, a pair of handcrafted sunglasses made entirely of carbon fibre that can be personalised through choices online. Chosen not only for the high quality design, according to the website “The initials of Italia Independent (I-I) in English sound “eye-eye”. The sunglasses have been chosen to be the first personal belonging because they symbolically represent Italia Independent’s brand vision”.

All I-I products will be sold mainly online through, although the company also plans collaborative sales events with some of the top global fashion stores including Luisa Via Roma in Florence, Corso Como 10 in Milan, L’Eclaireur in Paris, Verso in Antwerp, and Podium in Moscow.

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