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Burqinis- Innovative Muslim Swimwear

BurqiniThe Sydney Morning Herald highlights the work of Muslim fashion designer Aheda Zanetti who sells a different kind of swimwear from her Islamic Sport & Swimwear shop in Sydney. Known as the “burqini”, Zanetti’s two-piece full-length lycra suit is made up of trousers and a long- sleeved A-line top with hijab head-covering attached, creating an outfit that is loose-fitting enough to abide by Islamic law whilst being tight enough to allow ease of movement in the water.

Burqini2Through this new idea of mixing burqa and bikini, the burqini is enabling young Muslim women to participate more fully in the daily Australian way of life with its strong focus on watersports. The SMH also reports on a new 10-week training course run by Surf Life Saving Australia aimed at widening the racial mix on beaches through the addition of female Muslim lifeguards, which has so far seen 24 young Arab-Australians sign up. The article talks to one new attendee who directly credits the burqini for this chance.

“I am Australian so I always have the Australian life style, but now with the burqini it just allowed me to participate in it more.We used to always go to the beach, but now that I have the burqini I can actually swim.”

Already gaining popularity in the Middle East, Zanetti has been swamped with thousands of inquiries about her product from Europe the United States and Asia- look out for similar offerings near you soon.

Read the full article here

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