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London Fashion Week: House of Holland Mocks the Models

Having made a name for themselves at last season’s LFW as the designer’s choice of attire on the runway, House of Holland’s first catwalk collection yesterday was a brilliantly satirical collection of slogan tees and dresses. Slogans playing on the names of famous models were printed on oversize t-shirts in neon- bright colour combinations and skin-tight mini-dresses that clearly referenced 90s rave culture, whilst multi-coloured DM-style boots and over-the-knee socks reinforced the mood. With obvious inspiration from Katharine Hamnett, these outfits forego politics for humour- with fantastic results.Hoh3Hoh2_1

An amazingly simple collection from a design duo with a very limited history, this collection brings a new dimension into the fashion world that is bypassed by most catwalk designers; the clever use of text as a main focus. By elevating what is typically reserved for streetwear and mass-market to high fashion, the House of Holland boys are blurring the boundaries of designerwear. Whether you think this is a good or bad thing, it definitely makes for a light-hearted change from this season’s sombre and serious clothing.


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