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Lily Allen’s New Look

Not content with the multiple designer collaborations aiming to reinvent the high-street this year, companies are also desperate to build relationships with key music stars of the future. First Pete Doherty helps out his mates t-shirt label by fronting the Goi Goi ad campaign, then the queen of reinvention, Madonna, announces her assault on the market with her ‘M by Madonna’ range for H&M, due next month.

LilyNow we have news of a collaboration between Topshop rival New Look and Britpop darling Lily Allen. Due to hit stores in May, the capsule collection of dresses, footwear and accessories will be called  the ‘Lily Loves’ range and New Look bosses are hoping to emulate the ‘quirky’ dress sense of the Brit-nominated singer whose trademark look consists of ballgowns, trainers and chunky gold jewellery. A clever move as she is certainly a rising star who radiates cool, and with Giles Deacon also in their stable for 2007, New Look seems set to give the rest of the high street a run for its money. Lucky us!

via catwalk queen

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