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Marc Jacobs for the Masses

A Financial Times article looks at the current global expansion of the Marc Jacobs empire- and mentions that due to the success of his Marc Jacobs and Marc diffusion ranges, the company is now planning to produce a much lower-priced third line. Described by Marc’s business partner, Robert Duffy, as an alternative to the mass-market promotional tool of designer and high-street collaborations, the line would be an inexpensive offering aimed at enhancing brand recognition.

After the craziness of the crowds at the opening of his first London store last week, and the glowing reports from both of Marc’s recent catwalk shows it hardly looks as though the brand needs help with promotion over here, but with his clothes currently well out of most people’s price range, will a move into lower-priced collections do wonders for the brand dissemination or cheapen their whole image? Duffy argues that they have stayed away from mass-market collaborations as they don’t want to promote another brand, but maybe this duality has been the reason recent collaborations have worked without destroying designer’s credibility? An interesting one to watch.

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