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Designer Handbags at Extreme Prices

The Sunday Times reports on the frenzied demand for designer handbags by ’status-conscious women’, which has led to extreme levels of ostentation, enabling companies now to produce- and sell- such ridiculous creations as the Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork bag, priced at £23,484! The paper compares the price to that of a new Mercedes C 180 K Coupe SE, and finds the bag to be nearly £3,000 more expensive! And LV are not the only company taking prices to such extremes, Fendi are offering a bag made from chinchilla and sable costing £20,000, whilst the £10,000 mark is covered by several labels.

Apparently this price hike is not restricted to the extreme offerings, according to the Sunday Times “Selfridges, the department store chain, reports that the average price tag on designer handbags at its shops has risen by 55% to about £850 since 2005”. It’s a worrying phenomenon, but whilst brands can find insecure women willing to reduce themselves to debt and hunger for such items, the prices will keep on rising.

Read – A Handbag? That will be £23,484

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