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M + F Girbaud Advertise for Peace


French label Marithè + François Girbaud are no strangers to creating controversial advertising campaigns, and having previously focussed on religion and war, the design duo have decided to use their new season’s adverts to promote a future of hope and peace for children in war-torn areas. Teenagers from Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan and Rwanda are shown in the photographs wearing adult-sized pieces from the s/s 2007 collection whilst happily sewing seeds into fields.

The images portray the designers’ partnership with Seeds of Peace, a non-profit organization that aims to educate and empower young people from regions of conflict to develop empathy, respect and peace among the next generation of leaders. As their newly-appointed official sponsor, Marithé+François Girbaud will also design a special line of SoP clothing which will only be available on the website, with 100% of proceeds
benefiting Seeds of Peace.

A worthy cause to promote, lets hope the campaign – which is due to get lots of exposure thanks to it featuring in glossy magazines and on billboards throughout the world – makes more people take stock of the importance of peace for the next generation.

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