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psfk at Premier Vision

I popped over to Paris the other week for fashion.psfk to check out the world’s biggest fabric show, Premier Vision, and see what exciting new developments were on offer from the European mills for S/S 2008.

The major directions for the season, shown in the garishly bright central forum, were accompanied by a pompously flowery, rather unintelligible explanation (see the first photo), the gist of which is that we can expect to see a futuristic mood in textiles with plenty of unexpected luxury mixes and performance treatments.



One thing’s for sure- next year is all about high sheen. Metallic yarns, plastic treated fabrics and waxy coatings dominated the trend forum in an array of silvered glistening grey tones. Lurex and cellophane yarns created light-weight plastic looks, and elegantly fluid liquid jerseys were juxtaposed by wax-stiffened sheers, whilst an abundance of rubberised and latex finishes showed that the S&M dominatrix look that started on the S/S 07 catwalks intends to be around for at least a year.


Interestingly, the use of performance treatments on fashion fabrics has led to the creation of lots of luxurious-looking fabrications with unexpected handles- what you expect to be soft and slinky has a harsh and cold texture thanks to waxed and rubberised treatments. Bonded mixes such as the lace and latex shown below, lightweight Chloe- inspired crochets, and small-scale geometric weaves are also key for 2008.


Overall, mills seem to be taking their lead from the luxe sportswear seen on the catwalks and are finally getting creative, with innovative finishes and effects producing sophisticated and sensual results. A luxurious, glistening future awaits.


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