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D&G controversial ads pulled


Not a company to shy away from controversy, Dolce and Gabbana are in trouble over their advertising yet again. After problems over menswear adverts glorifying knives earlier this year, the company have been faced with another uproar from their newest ad currently running in menswear magazines that critics say condones violence towards women.

The image shows a woman being pinned down by a half-naked man, with four other men watching. In typical D&G style the models look moody and agressive, expressions which in this case many have read as signifying a menacing situation, with some going as far to say that the image looks like gang rape.

Due to this controversy, which has led to protests in Spain and Italy, the ad has now been pulled- a little extreme some may think (especially as the general consensus is that D&G men are gay anyway), but with the fashion industry in enough trouble already over skinny models and health issues, they don’t need to be tackling any more social taboos!

via Brandweek

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