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Kate Spade lets us Behind the Curtain

kate spade

Kate Spade has launched a brilliant little mini-site as part of her website called ‘Behind the Curtain’, offering news and ideas from the Kate Spade Design Studio. Engaging the consumer further into the Kate Spade story, the site builds on a more personal relationship with five different areas each letting you know more about the the goings on behind the scenes inside the brand.

‘In the Studio’ gives you a peek into what the team are busy doing- currently this involves an explanation of the season’s ad campaign- alongside a mixtape of what they’re listening to (which is also available to download), “Projects’ lets you know what other things the company are up to, ‘Events’ are shown from around the world, ‘Desktop Profile’ gives you snapshots into the lives and loves of a member of the Kate Spade team (including a very clever option where a picture of a bookshelf offers an amazon link to a list of her favourite books), and ‘Things we Love’ shows an amazing array of influences and inspirations which is constantly growing thanks to an option for anyone to add ‘Things You Love’.

The site is clean and elegant, reflecting the brand perfectly, and the concept is lovingly personalised without feeling forced or fake. A great interactive site that tailors itself cleverly to Kate Spade’s target audience. We love it.

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