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Adidas End-to-End project


Not wanting to be outdone by all the Nike celebrations going on, Adidas (alongside Foot Locker stores) have got together with seven of the world’s best graffiti artists to produce a collection known as the End-to-End project. The idea was to take graffiti artwork ‘from the sketchbook to the streets’, and to achieve this the artists were given free reign of a warehouse in Spitalfields for three days, with the resulting creations used to decorate a range of trainers and clothing.


Cameras were set up throughout the warehouse to capture the whole design process, videos and photos of which can be seen at the highly impressive End-to-End website alongside information on the artists and the project, and images of the collection. The result is a stylishly cool range featuring individual and collaborative designs from Smart, Skore, Can2, Atom, Scien, Siloette and Rime.


The range is due for release this Friday, 16th March, available exclusively in Foot Locker stores, whilst the artwork produced is due to be showcased on a bus that will tour Europe later this month.


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