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Weinstein buys All-American Brand Halston

Harvey Weinstein has bought the iconic American brand Halston, reports WWD. Making perfectly clear that the venture has nothing to do with the Marchesa brand designed by his girlfriend Georgina Chapman, Weinstein claims that he has been looking for a brand to invest in as the next move for his company for a while and “In Halston, we found that brand that relates to the kind of movies that we make”.

With Tamara Mellon on board to help turn the ailing company around, they aim to restore the brand to the success of its glory times when the namesake designer was at the helm. “We plan to really respect the DNA of the brand and bring it forward,” she said, adding “that’s really where everybody has gone wrong with Halston over the years”.

It was Mellon who brought the brand to Weinstein’s attention, explaining she felt attracted to Halston because “the history of the brand is so incredible. He was one of the greatest American designers of the last century. His clothes are still modern today. And everything that surrounded his life was so glamorous”. Weinstein apparently thinks so highly of the designer that he plans to turn the Halston story into a documentary- i’m sure timed perfectly to coincide with the big brand relaunch. “I find his life incredible. I don’t think people know the extent of how talented and way ahead of his time he was and there is great drama on the business of the story, too, and a lesson about how people lose things”. An interesting move for a movie mogul, I for one am expecting big things from this pairing and look forward to seeing what they can do for the future of the Halston label.


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