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Issey Miyake wins Kyoto prize

Issey Miyake has become the first fashion designer to win the prestigious Kyoto Prize, awarded annually for advances in science, culture and human spirit. Wired has a fascinating article with interviews from both the amazingly talented designer and the founder of the Kyoto Prize, Kazuo Inamori.

‘Wired News: Why is recognizing the advances of the human spirit, side-by-side with science, so important?

Kazuo Inamori: Today people are enjoying a very
rich lifestyle, but many people were sacrificed for that goal. Today’s
human civilization was created at the expense of the planet.

The spirituality of human beings must be treasured and preserved
even at the expense of the advance of material civilization. I believe
the advent of human civilization alone will not make people happy.’

‘Wired News: Your current designs seem to suggest that the designer is less important than the wearer to challenge the wearer.

Issey Miyake: We are looking to people, not the fashion
(community) and we are fascinated by technology. People have become
consumers; they forgot the ways they can participate in their clothing.
A-POC does that. It is important people participate in making their own
clothing. Many of my clothes, I find people wearing very surprisingly. I am pleased to see what people do with them.’

read the full article at wired

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