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America’s Next Top Model courting controversy


As a show built on glamour and bitchiness, America’s Next Top Model has embarrassed, scared and bullied its contestants with an array of ridiculous challenges. Now however, it seems that Tyra has gone one step too far with the most recent photoshoot showing the models as murder victims in various bloody and gory states.

The Huffington Post picked up the story last week, reporting the disgusted response found on feminist sites to both the pictures which come at the most controversial time in the debate over models’ health, and the judges’ comments which included unbelieveable lines such as, “What’s great about this is that you can also look beautiful in death;” “I think you look absolutely wonderful;” and “Death becomes you, young lady”.

anm-death-pics-2It seems that glamorising violence is quite a trend for photographers at the moment, but are these images really any more demeaning than the many shoots that portray dominated, fragile or frightened models within a story? The Huffington Post certainly seems to think so- “the perennially waifish contestants were made up and posed to look like blood-spattered and mangled corpses. The causes of the graphic-but-always-photogenic deaths ranged from stabbing to strangulation to shooting to semi-decapitation. No possible cluster of synonyms for “repulsive” could do these pics justice.”

Read the full article and make your own mind up.


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