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Jean Muir’s final farewell

It’s a sad sad day for fashion- this friday Jean Muir, a bastion of British brands and one of the last true ‘dressmakers’ will shut shop forever.

Launched in 1966, the label may not be known for it’s exciting innovations or celebrity following, but truly represented the iconic style of the elegant English lady. Her elegant, classic minimalism proved to have a staying power that most designers could only dream of, and led a brand that became identifiable through its intelligent, sophisticated and loyal clientele.

The Guardian reports on scenes of frantic (yet polite) purchasing from these faithful followers as the company offers a final sale at the Conduit Street store. “There is something very British about her clothes in that they are
understated and chic. I’ve been a fan for over 25 years,” said shopper
Elizabeth Morgan, clutching an armful of clothes.

In a time when fashion companies are desparate to gain a foothold in the baby boomer market it seems crazy to let a brand with such loyalty disappear, but the fact that the company is choosing to close rather than sell on the name and face the possibility of sullying its reputation is testament to the true British class that it encapsulates. As Henry Leukert, who was Jean Muir’s husband and has run the company since her death in 1995 said “It is sad, but I believe this is the way Jean would have wanted it…I believe there is virtue in quitting while we are ahead and keeping her name untarnished.”

Anyone hoping to grab a piece of fashion history should head down to 48 Conduit Street before friday!

Jean Muir


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