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Vionnet loses Kokosalaki and gains ‘Artistic Advisor’


After less than a year at the helm of the newly relaunched brand, Sophia Kokosalaki has parted ways with the House of Vionnet. The announcement comes as no great surprise, infact it has been expected ever since Diesel’s purchase of the Greek designer’s brand in January this year. Interestingly though, Arnaud de Lummen, Vionnet’s chief executive officer has decided not just to replace Kokolasaki but to seemingly reinvent the creative role needed.

According to fashionwiredaily, rather than filling the Creative Director shoes, Marc Audibet (previously a designer at Hermes, Ferragamo and Prada) will take on the newly created title of Artistic Advisor. And after only two seasons on the catwalk, the fashion house is turning its back on Paris Fashion Week and returning to the traditional atelier model of appointment showcases which will be unveiled during the more exclusive Haute Couture Week.

What this all means is as yet unclear, but implies a shift by the brand to position itself away from fast fashion and plant its feet in the luxury prestige market. And with a namesake who is globally recognised for introducing bias cut to the fashion world, the company should find ample opportunity in emerging luxury markets- if they get the package right.

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Pants that Prevent Radiation


Only for the supremely paranoid: Isabodywear are offering underpants that will keep you safe from cellphone radiation. With concerns thrown up from claims that radiation can cause infertility, the company have launched a range of special briefs made with threads of silver to block phone rays and reception, and ensure the survival of the human race!

To prove the effectiveness, the inventor claims that if you place your phone inside the pants no matter where you are you will never be able to get a signal. If you feel like putting this to the test, Isabodywear are giving away 500 pairs for test purposes, so send them an email– and then let me know the results!!!

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Selfridges aims to be Eco-friendly and Upmarket

selfridges In an effort to not be forgotten during the Anya Hindmarch bag hype, Selfridges decided to stage an eco event of its own last week, replacing all of the famous yellow plastic carrier bags at the Oxford Street department store with paper ones. According to Drapers Record, Selfridges chief executive Paul Kelly claimed that this was an environmental move that also happens to represent the retailer’s upmarket image. Admittedly the paper version is more impressive and expensive-looking, but the move does seem more like a publicity stunt rather than a concerted environmental effort. Genuine good or greenwashing- lets wait to see if it becomes a permanent move and spreads across all their stores before we pass judgement.

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Urban Forest reincarnated as Jack Spade Totes

Remember the impressive Urban Forest Project in New York last summer? Well the 186 banners that were brightening up the streets around Time Square are now being recycled into very limited edition tote bags- and with only 2 being made from each banner these must surely be the rarest accessories around! As the site explains “The tree is metaphor for sustainability, and in that spirit the banners from the exhibition are now being recycled into totebags designed
exclusively for the project by Jack Spade

Not only are they caring for the environment, all profits from the bag sales are going to Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships and the AIGA/NY Mentoring Program to sustain the next generation of design talent. Unfortunately as the sale started yesterday some of our favourites have already been snapped up, but if you head to the site quickly you may still be able to nab one of the ones pictured below-


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Don’t know what to do with your old jeans? How about wearing them on your feet?! is an offshoot of UK footwear manufacturer Softwalker that offers just such a service; you send in an old pair and they will ‘turn your blue jeans into green sandals’.

The impressive website explains not only the benefits of recycling clothing but also makes of a point of detailing the minimal carbon footprint involved in the creation and purchasing of these sandals-

‘Our Kalahari sandals have the lowest  transport footprint of any sandal on the market because they are made in the UK, not 5,000 miles away as 99% of the footwear  on sale in the UK  is.’

An interesting eco take on the personalised/ customised craze, check out more here

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