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The Death of Trends

Two articles in UK newspapers yesterday caught my eye for their different explanations to what many of us noticed during the recent fashion circus; the sudden demise of catwalk trends.

Amol Rajan at The Independent highlights the loss of seasonal trends, as companies swap fashion trend consultants for climatologists, whilst in her summary of Paris fashion week Jess Cartner-Morley over at the Guardian talks of a season of only micro-trends and mini-trends, opting out of the impossible task of banding these collections into overarching themes.

To anyone who has been following the shows for the past month, neither of these statements is a great surprise, but they beg the question what will the high street retailers do now? This season’s abundance of celebrity-designed ranges may offer temporary sales success, but a much deeper re-think might be for the future.

Unpredictable weather ‘means seasonal fashion is now obsolete’- the Independent
Fashion for all- The Guardian

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