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Lily Allen gets her own TV Show

lily singer and MySpace superstar Lily Allen is being given her own chat show on BBC3. Starting in spring next year the show, currently titled ‘Lily and Friends’, is based around her MySpace success (according to her mum Lily has the most ‘friends’ in Great Britain- 444857 at last check!). Viewers are encouraged to join her social network to be involved in shaping the show- as the audience, as interviewers and even as presenters of sections.

Described by BBC3 controller Danny Cohen as an “important voice of her generation”, Lily is being drafted in to help the BBC reach an online, networked audience, and although they may be taking a bit of a risk by moving into uncharted and uncensored territory with such an opinionated host, if she is allowed to truly have her own voice this could prove to be very successful for them.

According to the BBC press release:

‘ The audience will consist entirely of Lily’s online friends, who will also have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes footage and can sign up to have highlights sent directly to their phones.’

‘Guests will include the hottest celebrities, topical guests from the online world, chart-topping bands and unsigned acts chosen by members of the network. They will all have a profile within the network that the group can access and comment on in the run-up to the show.’

Look out for the show early next year

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