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Hub Culture Presents Future Visions of an Enlightened Global Singularity

I was lucky enough to be invited (for PSFK) to the fabulous surroundings of Miller’s Academy in London to hear a talk by Stan Stalnaker, the brain behind social collective Hub Culture.

Stan energetically filled the evening – entitled Scenarios: Technology, Community and Consciousness – with fascinating global realizations and future insights, not least his vision of an approaching global singularity within a technologised ‘omniverse’. In fact we were so swept up in his passion that note-taking was somewhat overlooked! Luckily for us though, Stan has been kind enough to share the presentation doc – which we highly recommend reading:

Hub Culture – Scenarios: Technology, Community and Consciousness

Some quotes scribbled during the talk worth thinking about:

  • “everything is a network”: brands as media companies leveraged through networks
  • “everyone becomes a friend and no-one becomes a consumer”: you need to have as many ‘friends’ as possible for business success
  • your value will soon be driven from your ‘economy’: your worth as dictated through the power of your network
  • the bending of social rules and the growing impact of ‘social suicide’
  • “the singularity of a collected conscious is closer than we think”: by 2021 $1000 of computation (ie one mac) will have the intelligence of a human brain – and by 2050 the intelligence of all human brains, leading to a connected organism that can create its own processes
  • “the reality is that every individual is now a brand”

The presentation is a sneaky preview of Stan’s article for the Feb 2008 issue of the Harvard Business Review, which they have classed as one of the 20 Big World Changing Themes for 2008.

Hub Culture

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