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Recycle-More Helps You Text Your Waste Away, the recycling information website from Valpak, (the UK’s largest compliance scheme) have made their impressive advice service even better with the introduction of a text location tool. Users can simply text ‘waste’ or ‘elec’ and their postcode to 60060 from anywhere in the UK, and receive a text back with details of the closest location for their recycling needs.

Not only does this help to correctly dispose of the items that the council doesn’t pick up, but more importantly it helps you to continue recycling wherever you may be in the country. As recycle-more’s web manager Sam Blades explains “the text service allows people to recycle materials ‘on the move’. If you’re on holiday in the UK and want to keep up the good work you do at home, it’s now quick and easy to locate your nearest recycling site. It also gives those without internet access a convenient way to find recycling facilites”.

Texts will cost a rather pricey 50p plus standard network charge (why does it always cost to be good?!), made more acceptable by the fact that the company will put any money made directly back into its educational services. Next stop gps mapped locations for truly mobile recycling? Or how about a mobile operator offering this as a free service???

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