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CREDO offers Mobile Social Activism

CREDO Mobile (the new incarnation of Working Assets Wireless), claims to be the first US mobile service that turns the everyday act of using your phone into a tool for social change, not only through the company’s donation of 1 percent of all call charges to your choice of what they call ‘socially progressive organizations’ (Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, Greenpeace…) but also via mobile text activism campaigns through their Flash Activist Network (FAN). For an extra $3 per month members of CREDO’s FAN can get immediate updates on public issues and call in to have their say and influence decisions.

‘Throughout the year, the Flash Activist Network (FAN) monitors critical issues as they unfold. Whenever it’s decision time, FAN will contact you by phone, fax or e-mail. Your choice.

As soon as you get the message, call our toll-free FAN number for details. Then simply press a button to be transferred to the decision-maker or to have a personalized fax sent in your name — at no extra cost. It’s that simple.’

To highlight their socially progressive stance and political activist aims, CREDO teamed up with SS+K who, alongside installation artist Paul Notzold at TXTualhealing and production team Neverstop, created a piece of ‘political theatre’ through text projection guerrilla stunts around San Francisco where passers-by were encouraged to speak their mind by filling in the empty speech bubbles next to caricatures of Bush and Cheney that were projected onto blank walls in the Castro, SOMA and Union Square districts.

The resulting video of the first event shows the reaction by locals to the campaign:

Whilst most comments were unsurprisingly meant for crude and controversial entertainment, some people were clearly making use of the blank canvas to make more resonant points. It could be interesting to compare the range of reactions from further events planned for 2008 as the campaign continues.

CREDO Mobile

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