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Power to the Poachers

poach the mountains

To protest the fact that there are four “fascist”ski resorts in the U.S that still don’t allow snowboarding, Jake Burton, owner of snowboard brand Burton, has launched the “Poach for Freedom” challenge, encouraging snowboarders to submit videos of themselves “poaching” the forbidden mountains. Acknowledging the fact that this is particularly difficult task to achieve, the company are offering $5,000 for the most creative video from each resort. Alongside this, Seattle-based winter sportswear retailer evo is adding an extra $5,000 to the prize fund ($1,250 extra per resort) in a move that they claim is aimed at promoting synergy between skiers and snowboarders, both of whom make up their client base.

On his site, Jake makes some very relevant points about the enforced segregation, in particular that two of the four resorts operate on federal forest land and therefore should be available to all taxpayers, snowboarders included. The site also clearly expresses that they in no way encourage breaking the law- just the rules!!

“Until snowboarders everywhere are free to ride where they want to ride, until the snow and the slopes of this great nation have been purged of the scourge of segregation, until the four elitist, fascist resorts lift their draconian bans, there shall be no rest, no justice, and no peace. In the face of this blatant and aggressive disregard for the Declaration of independence and the Constitution of the Untied States of America, poaching isn’t simply a peaceful form of protest, it is truly your patriotic duty.”

The competition was launched in November and the deadline for entries is March 1st, but as testament either to the impossible – or ridiculous- nature of the task, so far the only video on the site seems to be the one posted by Burton affiliates. Sounds like easy money for anyone looking to make a quick $25,000!!

Watch the video – or upload your own- at

[via jaunted]

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