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NY Metropolitan Opera Reaches out to a Global Audience

ny operaLondon independent cinema The Everyman Cinema Club (part of the Everyman Media Group) is offering the chance to experience the New York Metropolitan Opera season live from the comfort of their luxurious sofas. A PSFK favourite for its brilliant snack and beverage to-your-seat service (including a selection of rather good wines) and fabulously comfy surroundings, Everyman are streaming all the operas live and uninterrupted in full High Definition glory.

It’s all part of the Met’s initiatives to reconnect itself with a contemporary audience and make opera a more welcoming art form, by offering their performances available regularly on multiple platforms. Sounds like great idea, but although adding locations definitely makes the operas more accessible, this inclusive mentality is not reflected in ticket prices, with shows starting at £25!

The season can be experienced at a range of different indy cinemas across the UK, and throughout 10 other countries including Germany, Sweden and Japan, as well as various locations in 44 American states. Each performance is streamed once only, possibly due to the time-difference issues – and the fact that some shows are over 5 hours long!

This Saturday sees a slightly shorter performance of Macbeth. Find out more at The Met HD Season or

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