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London’s Light Bulb Amnesty

Over the weekend UK home improvement and garden centre chain B&Q, in partnership with British Gas and the Mayor of London held London’s first light bulb amnesty, where Londoners were invited to exchange a traditional light bulb from their home for a free, energy efficient one (or two).

According to Mayor Ken Livingstone:

‘For those people who have made a New Year’s Resolution to go greener, taking part in London’s first light bulb amnesty is an ideal way to start. This scheme gives Londoners the chance to cut harmful emissions and save money at the same time, by swapping their old, energy guzzling light bulbs for free, energy efficient bulbs. Small lifestyle changes like this really do add up – if all homes in the capital used energy efficient bulbs, we could collectively help reduce emissions by over half a million tonnes, and save £139 million every year.’

Despite some worries over the health warnings around low-energy light bulbs announced last week, the UK government are planning to totally phase out the sale of all conventional bulbs by 2011, following closely in the footsteps of Australia who are bringing into effect a legal ban on all incandescent bulbs by 2009-2010. No word yet on how many bulbs were brought in, but the amnesty and the impressive accompanying website are a very positive start to a better 2008.

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