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switchedonlondonSwitched On London is a lighting festival in the capital that aims to highlight the importance of sustainable lighting design in the night-time urban environment. For the second year running, a number of sites will be lit from February 7th – 14th in an energy efficient way to show the power of light in the city. 15 locations including the Tower of London, Southwark cathedral, Tower Bridge, London Bridge and the Design Museum are being illuminated from 6pm till midnight with stimulating energy-efficient installations created by the joint forces of leading lighting designers and manufacturers. The event will be audited for its energy consumption and its overall environmental impact whilst at the same time highlighting the gross wastage in unnecessary lighting of office space at night.

The festival has widespread support from the architectural lighting industry as well as some of the city’s key institutions including the Mayor of London, City of London council, Southwark council, Visit London, New London Architecture, The Pool of London and the Arts Council.

According to Paul James, editor of architectural lighting magazine mondo*arc and director of the festival:

Although we understand that energy use is a ‘burning issue’, we need light to live and as our lifestyles evolve, the benefits of good urban lighting are undeniable. The perception is that architectural lighting leads to wasted energy and light pollution. However, the majority of the lighting industry continually strives to tackle the issue of energy. From luminaire design that avoids light pollution to the promotion of lower energy and more efficient sources, the lighting industry is well educated in recycling, waste issues and the misuse of our natural resources. Our hope is that Switched On London will have value beyond simple decoration. It is an opportunity to use light to educate the public and newspaper journalists alike. It is essential to illuminate better, not less.

Switched On London

download a guide of locations here

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